We Have Demons

Writer - Scott Snyder

Artist - Greg Capullo

The conflict between good and evil is about to come to a head when a teenage hero embarks on a journey that unveils a secret society, monsters, and mayhem. Read More...


Writer - Scott Snyder

Artist - Tony S. Daniel & Tomeu Morey

Imagine that tomorrow the sun simply doesn't rise. You wait. And you wait, but night just continues... You can still feel the sun's warmth –it must BE THERE– but for some reason, light no longer reaches the earth. And this new darkness, there's something strange about it, something terrifying. Because anything (or anyone) that stays in it too long starts to change… Read More...


Writer - Scott Snyder

Artist - Ariela Kristantina

Welcome to Whitebear, Alaska, just a thousand miles south of the North Pole. The population in summer is about two hundred. In winter, when the temperature regularly hits twenty below zero, the population dwindles to about twenty. Read More...


Writer - Scott Snyder

Artist - Francis Manapul

In the near future, people are able to connect to the internet neurologically and mediate the real world through the lenses of our eyes. But unbeknownst to all, the real world is mediated too. Scott Snyder’s first noir thriller and Francis Manapul’s first ever creator owned book is a dazzling, sci-fi thrill ride. Read More...

Night of the Ghoul

Writer - Scott Snyder

Artist - Francesco Francavilla

Snyder and Francavilla collaborate for the first time ever on Night of The Ghoul, a bold and bloody reimagining of horror monsters that celebrates classic creature features, while creating an unsettling and contemporary new kind of horror story. Read More...


Writer - Scott Snyder

Artist - Tula Lotay

High flying adventure and romance fuel Barnstormers, a lush and unforgettable story by Scott Snyder and renowned illustrator Tula Lotay set during the first World War. Read More...

Dudley Datson and the
Forever Machine

Writer - Scott Snyder

Artist - Jamal Igle

Scott Snyder and illustrator Jamal Igle put readers in perpetual motion with Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine. Follow Dudley and his talking dog Daedalus as they travel through time and space struggling to keep the Forever Machine out of the nefarious clutches of… the Needle’s Eye. Read More...


Writer - Scott Snyder

Artist - Daniel Duke Panosian

In 1891 a mine collapsed into itself. What is the dark substance found 666 feet underground? Scott Snyder is joined by illustrator Dan Panosian for this unique blend of modern horror, historical fact and Western lore to deliver a terrifying story. Read More...

Duck and Cover

Writer - Scott Snyder

Artist - Rafael Albuquerque

From the team that brought you Vertigo’s American Vampire comes a manga-influenced teen adventure across a post-apocalyptic 1955 America. When a sudden nuclear exchange obliterates the US, only the children who hid under their school desks are spared. Read More...

Book of Evil

Writer - Scott Snyder

Artist - Jock

The Book of Evil is ambitious storytelling, featuring a unique combination of prose and multiple styles of illustration, by Snyder and Jock, two of the most popular creators working in comics today. Read More...