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From the team that brought you Vertigo’s American Vampire comes Duck and Cover, a manga-influenced teen adventure set in the strange post-apocalyptic America... of 1955.

When a sudden nuclear exchange obliterates the United States, only the children who hid under their school desks are spared. These teens now find themselves the lone survivors in a strange and wild new ’50’s America. Stranger still, some of them seem to be developing superhuman powers…

The kids knew the drill. They practiced it so many times. When the air raid siren goes off, you hide under your desk. But they never expected to live in a world where everyone who didn’t hide under a desk is dead. Now there are no teachers. There are no adults. What are they supposed to do? Why were they spared?

Duck and Cover is a riveting sci-fi thriller, chock full of Cold War paranoia, strange mutant lands, and tribes of super powered children.

Rafael Albuquerque

Rafael Albuquerque is an Eisner, Harvey and Inkpot Award winner for The New York Times Bestseller American Vampire. He has been working for major comic book publishers in the United States since 2005 and is best known for his work on All-Star Batman, Batgirl, Animal Man, Huck, and Eight. His most recent projects include the adaptation of the popular Neil Gaiman tale A Study in Emerald, Mark Millar’s Hit-Girl and Dark Horse’s Hidden Society. He is the co-creator and co-writer of Funny Creek, available from comiXology Originals.