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Chain—Welcome to Whitebear, Alaska, just a thousand miles south of the North Pole. The population in summer is about two hundred. In winter, when the temperature regularly hits twenty below zero, the population dwindles to about twenty. Josephine ("Joe") Widjaja is a year-rounder. At 30 years old, she runs a small depot for prop planes out in the snow. She's tough, independent, and haunted by a past she doesn't want to talk about. But that's fine, because Whitebear is a place for loners, people who've opted out of a conventional life. Ice truckers and hippies, maybe a student from the marine biology center. It's a quiet, beautiful, tough life. And Joe likes it that way. But all that changes one night when a helicopter crashes near her depot. Not just any helicopter, either -- this one was carrying the richest man in the world, tech impresario Del Dison. A wounded Dison is brought to the local bar, where the other residents of Whitebear are gathered for a start of winter party. Here, a wounded Dison issues a warning to the town. In a matter of hours, a virus released into the air years ago will cause the food chain to essentially invert. Insects, birds, fish, every few hours another strata will turn on man, until every living creature is trying to kill us. Even as he tells Joe and the residents of Whitebear about what's coming, the news reports start...insects, swarming people around the world. But Dison has an offer for the townsfolk, one that just might save them, or cause them to tear each other apart. Chain is a tense, claustrophobic thriller set against the end of the world. Beautifully illustrated by Ariela Kristantina, it's a take you won't soon forget.

Ariela Kristantina

Ariela Kristantina is an artist from Jakarta, Indonesia, best known for her work on Insexts (Aftershock Comics), Mata Hari (Berger Books/Dark Horse Comics), Deep State (Boom! Studio), and The Logan Legacy (Marvel Comics). She has also contributed covers and illustrations to other companies including Image and DC Comics; character designs and assets to other projects (indie movies, Kickstarter, and video games) since her first debut in 2014. In 2022, she co-created CHAIN with Scott Snyder for Image Comics.