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Scott Snyder and Jock—the creative team of the New York Times bestselling blockbuster The Batman Who Laughs—reunite for a young adult horror graphic novel. The Book of Evil tells the story of four young friends growing up in a strange, near future where over 90% of the population are born as psychopaths…

Imagine a world where nearly every baby born is a future psychopath. Is this human evolution? A virus? Can it be cured? Regardless, just like that, the new normal is psychopathy.

Quinn is a curious, quiet, and determined 12-year-old boy—and an artist. The story of The Book of Evil unfolds in first person narration from Quinn’s point of view, featuring his journal entries, alongside his illustrations from his journey – as well as excerpts of his father’s cartoon strip called “The Book of Evil.” His father’s popular cartoon featured an everyman named Everett who time traveled, met heroic figures of the past, and murdered them in hyper-violent ways. Was Quinn’s father telling a story to entertain? Or was he leaving clues in “The Book of Evil” for those, like his son and his friends, looking to change the world?

The Book of Evil is ambitious storytelling, featuring a unique combination of prose and multiple styles of illustration, by two of the most popular creators working in comics today.


Jock is the three-time New York Times best-selling British artist best known for his comics work with writer Andy Diggle on DC/Vertigo's The Losers, the award-winning Batman: The Black Mirror, and Wytches with writer Scott Snyder. Jock has also produced key art and concept design for films including Dredd, Annihilation, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the Oscar-winning Ex Machina. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, he now lives and works in Devon, England.